Some of our Future Talks

14th February 2018

Sian Walters:  Tintoretto and the Scuola di San Rocca

500 years ago Tintoretto was born.  Venice has a great many beautiful paintings by the renaissance master, but tonight Sian Walters concentrates on the amazing series painted for the Scuola di San Rocca.  Tintoretto's inclusion of the desires of his patrons is indicated as is his influence on his successors,

St Mark's body brought to Venice

Portrait of the Marquis Francesco Gherardini.

14th March 2018

Martin Lloyd:  Fuego Humo Y Hiero - Spanish Painters

150 years of Bilbao's industrial era represented in oils, watercolours and bronze.  How a flourishing city was represented by the artists of the time.

The world famous Guggenheim Gallery in Bilbao.

11th April 2018

Barry Venning:  Turner: General Paintings.

Turner was an a prodigious talent and had great ambition.  He is one of Britain's most celebrated painters, many of whose works are well kown to us all.  His landscapes transformed what was then the lowly genre of landscape painting into a deeply influential vehicle.

Three familiar Turner landscapes,