Some of our Future Talks

Julian Richards:  Inspired by Stonehenge.

Why Stonehenge must be regarded as architectural in its layout and construction, embodying techniques which convinced antiquarians that it could not have been built by 'primitive' ancient Britons.

This iconic structure has inspired painters like Blake, Turner and Constable and potters such as Moore.  In modern times it graces tea towels from Wiltshire, phone cards in Japan and stamps from Bhutan.

Wednesday 13th December 2017

10th January 2018

Gavin Plumley:  The Art and Culture of Fin De Siecle Vienna

For centuries Vienna was the capital of a vast Empire.  As its empirical importance declined its place in the arts world grew.  Musicians, Architects, Painters, Philosophers met in the coffee houses and inspired each other to ever greater achievements.  Gavin Plumley will entertain us with examples of their achievements.

Gustav Klimt's

The Kiss

The Hofburg


14th February 2018

Sian Walters:  Tintoretto and the Scuola di San Rocca

500 years ago Tintoretto was born.  Venice has a great many beautiful paintings by the renaissance master, but tonight Sian Walters concentrates on the amazing series painted for the Scuola di San Rocca.  Tintoretto's inclusion of the desires of his patrons is indicated as is his influence on his successors,

St Mark's body brought to Venice

Portrait of the Marquis Francesco Gherardini.